last updated — nov 23, 2022
#rainbow is community owned and operated. any lgbtqia2+ friendly person can be owner of #rainbow, regardless of gender & gender orientation. #rainbow is a non-profit organization run by women & queers. ownership rights are permanent. attaining ownership status requires volunteering a minimum of 5 hours per week in the first year or a minimum of a partnership donation. owners can watch our weekly remote board meetings, vote in the board of directors elections, and run for a seat on the board of directors. our all-volunteer team members may be eligible to receive an hourly salary as calculated according to their approved work each month.

our first 7 full-time team members will have a seat on the board of directors. the board of directors are elected for a maximum of 4 years, and the total seats are limited to 7 directors.

current statistics
donors: 24
volunteers: 11
partners: 2
total owners (trustee members): 8
occupied seats on the board of directors: 4

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