last updated — oct 25, 2021
any lgbtqia+ friendly person can be owner of justone, regardless gender & gender-orientation. justone is a non-profit organization operated by queers & women. ownership rights are permanent. attaining ownership status requires volunteering a minimum of 5 hours per week in the first year or a minimum of a partnership donation. owners can watch our weekly remote board meetings, vote in the board of directors elections, and run for a seat on the board of directors. our all-volunteer team members are also eligible to receive an hourly salary as calculated according to their approved work each year. every year, justone will donate its profits to women and lgbtqia+ owned small businesses and organizations all over the world.

after the fundraising stage, our first 7 full-time team members will have a seat on the board of directors. the board of directors are elected for a maximum of 4 years, and the total seats are limited to 7 directors.

current statistics
donors: 8
volunteers: 8
partners: 0
total owners (trustee members): 7
occupied seats on the board of directors: 2

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